Flower Competition

Rules For Exhibitors:

  1. There will be an entry fee of Rs. 50/- per participant per exhibit for each class for taking part in the competition.
  2. Last date for receipt of entry form is 08.02.2018 till 5:00 p.m. at Rose Festival Secretariat, Single Window Enquiry, Near Post Office, Panjab University and on 09.02.2018 till 10:00 a.m. at Prof. R.C. Paul Rose Garden, Panjab University, Chandigarh.
  3. Exhibits must be arranged on 9th February, 2018 by 11:00 a.m.
  4. One can give any number of entries for competition.
  5. The entry to the competition Pandal will be permitted only to the competitors taking part in the competition.
  6. All the exhibits must have been grown in exhibitors own garden. In case of doubt, the organizers reserve the right to inspect the garden of exhibitors.
  7. No exhibitors, mali or spectators will be allowed where judgment is taking place.
  8. Though all possible care of the exhibits will be taken for any damage or loss but organisers shall be responsible for any damage or loss of the exhibitors.
  9. The decision of judges will be final. However in case of dispute, the Organising Committee will take the decision which will be binding.
  10. The pots will be allowed to be removed on 12th February, 2018 (Monday) between 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
  11. Suitable container will be provided for the display of cut flowers.
Further enquiries if any may be addressed to: -

Er. Amandeep Singla,

Junior Engineer (Horticulture)

Construction Office,

Panjab University, Sector-14,


Tel. 0172-2534356, 0172-2534365,(Mobile) 99140-03004


(Open to All)

Section Name of Arrangement
A1 Arrangement with Roses only.
A2 Arrangement with Flowers other than Roses.
A3 Arrangement with Dry Flowers.
A4 Arrangement with Fresh Foliage.
A5 Making of Garlands.
A6 Making of Bouquets.


(Cut Flower)Open to All

Section Name of Flowers No. of Stems
B1 Antirrhinum 2
B2 Aster 2
B3 Stocks Double 2
B4 Stocks Single 2
B5 Carnation 2
B6 Candytuft 2
B7 Dahlia 2
B8 Gladiolus 2
B9 Gerbera 2
B10 Marigold 2
B11 Pansy 2
B12 Larkspur 2
B13 Lupin 2
B14 Rose Hybrid Tea 2
B15 Rose Floribunda 2
B16 Rose Hybrid Tea in three stages i.e. unopened bud, semi open and open bud. 3
B17 Rose Hybrid Tea collection of three named varieties 3
B18 Rose Hybrid Tea collection of three named varieties 3
B19 Any other flowers 2


Flower and Plants Grown in Pots

Section Name of Flowers No. of Stems
C1 Aster 4
C2 Antirrhinum 4
c3 Verbena 4
c4 Salvia 4
c5 Brachycome 4
C6 Cineraria 4
C7 Carnation 4
C8 Collection of Cacti 4
C9 Bonsai 4
C10 Dahlia 4
C11 Stock 4
C12 Dianthus 4
C13 Geranium 4
C14 Marigold 4
C15 Nemesia 4
C16 Nasturtium 4
C17 Petunia Double Hybrid 4
C18 Petunia Single Hybrid 4
C19 Pansy 4
C20 Phlox 4
C21 Kale 4
C22 Rose Hybrid Tea 4
C23 Rose Floribunda 4
C24 Any other flower 4


Vegetable & Fruit Carving

Section Name of Flowers
D1 Vegetable & Fruit Carving